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10 Primary School Kids Crafts

by Bethany (follow)
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Do you remember all the cool crafts projects we used to do in primary school? Things like paper windmills, and popsicle houses, glitter spiderwebs and finger puppets — so easy to make, and yet so riveting at the same time!

In a sudden onset of nostalgia, we compiled a list of our ten favourite crafts projects from primary school. Do you see yours in this list?

1. Aboriginal Dot-Painting

As part of our curriculum on Indigenous Australian heritage and culture, we were introduced to the art of dot-painting. I personally loved it, because it required meticulous attention to detail, and the process of placing each individual dot on the page was quite soothing. It’s a wonderful way to introduce children to this important part of Australian culture, but it is also important to make sure you’re teaching the right symbols and meanings.

Central Art, an Aboriginal art store in Alice Springs, has a handy glossary of symbols used by Aboriginal artists in the Central and Western Deserts of Australia. Meanwhile, here is a handy YouTube demonstration from Bronwyn Ferguson at Australia Native Art:

2. Paper Chains

Did anyone else’s school make loads of these to decorate the hall and classrooms during major school events? Mixing different colours and making bracelets out of them were also great fun. Best of all, you can make them with any kind of paper as well. Check out this one made from aeroplane boarding passes:

delayed holiday traveler paper chain — kristy, Flickr

3. Kites

I think it was part of a science class when the teacher tried to explain how kites and aeroplanes stayed up in the air? Obviously we couldn’t build a real plane, but we got to try our hand at making paper kites. Whether we got them into the air sucessfully or not — well, that’s another story.

4. Papier-mâché Masks

These are perfect for children’s parties, or even for school plays. They can get quite messy, but imagine toting around your very own Iron Man helmet mask! YouTuber epicfantasy shows you how:

5. Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Easy, easy, easy! And so beautiful as well! We did these in kindergarten, and brought in our favourite flowers to school. They make great, personalised gifts; a colourful addition to your daily reading. Here are some great examples made by Barb Wallgren of Cowboy Flowers:

Image from http://cowboyflowers.com

6. Sock Puppets

Socks come in pairs, but they disappear on their own! If you’ve ever been stuck with a single sock without its mate, and have a child who needs entertaining, sock puppets are a great way to go. Check out these awesome sock puppets:

Nessi Sock Puppets — Brenna, Flickr

7. Cereal Box Guitars

Here’s one for the musically inclined! A great starting prop for the kids who enjoy a little jam session. Check out the instructions at Projects for Preschoolers.

Image from Projects for Preschoolers

8. Solar System Mobiles

Science lessons bring us some of the best ideas for crafts projects. Creative and educational all at once! Find out how to make your own at Alanna George.

Image from Alanna George

9. Egg Carton Animals

What more can you say about these except — cute! Just add a little paint, stick a couple of pre-cut appendages on, and you have adorable decorations and puppets.

Image from dcwvinc.blogspot.com.au

10. Cardboard Box Puppet Theatre

And once you’ve got all your sock puppets and egg carton figures, why not put them altogether and hold a puppet theatre? Use a large cardboard box, cut a hole in it, and then decorate in any way you like, for the ultimate home entertainment system!

What were some of your favourite crafts projects from primary school? Did yours make this list? If not, why not share them with us on the forum!

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