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Favourite Spots to Work

by Bethany (follow)
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Everyone has their own special place they like to be when they pull out their tools and get in the creative zone. Where are your favourite places to get your craft on?

1. In Bed

Especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or just before bed, when you’re most relaxed and comfortable. Add a few fluffy pillows, and maybe some TV on for a bit of background noise, and you’ve got yourself the perfect workstation.

Knitting in Bed - Nadia Prigoda-Lee, Flickr

2. Living Room

Pushing back the sofa and the coffee table to create space in front of the TV is perfect for large-scale, or group projects.

Living room disaster - Elizabeth, Flickr

3. A Park Bench

Sometimes it's good to get out in the sun and get some fresh air. Try reading a book, doing some writing, or break out the knitting on a nice, relaxing afternoon.

Elizabeth Skene, Flickr

4. Dining Table

When working on large, or messy projects, it's good to be able to spread out your tools. Plus, it's close to the kitchen, so you're pretty much right for the day.

Erin Kohlenberg, Flickr

5. Backyard

If you're looking to relax in the sun, but don't want to leave the house, why not try the backyard? You'll get the benefits of the outdoors, without having to change out of your pyjamas.

Backyard Violets Shawl - Kara, Flickr

6. On the couch

Especially if it's squishy and comfortable, and you've got the TV on, and a drink at your elbow. It's also great for when you have company over, and you're all wanting some quality crafting time. Crochet club, anyone?

Chris Penny, Flickr

7. On the go

If you've got long commutes on public transport, it's a great time to get out your latest project. Keeping your hands busy also helps distract you from the long journey ahead, so time will seem to fly.

Reading on the Subway - Pedro Ribeiro Simoes, Flickr

8. In a cafe, or a pub

What's better than meeting up with a group of friends for a drink, some gossip, and a bit of crochet? Nothing. Nothing beats that. If your friends aren't fans, why not meet some new ones?

The best thing about crafts is that it can be done alone, or in large groups. So no matter what mood, or what environment you work best in, there is always room for a bit of creativity in your life.

What are some of your favourite crafting spots? Make sure to share them with us in the Classie forums!

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