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The HubGarden FAQ contains information general to all Hubgarden sites including Classie.

Classie FAQ

Welcome to Classie Hub
Writing Style
Social Media and Sharing
Sourcing and Crediting

Welcome to Classie Hub

This is the place to share all your craft-related knowledge and expertise with everyone.

Whether you've been working on a project, have some useful tips to share, or even know of a great place to buy materials, share it with us here.

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We accept articles on the following:
  • Projects
  • Materials
  • Patterns
  • Recommendations
Please tag the relevant topic at the end of each article, preceded by a hash tag (e.g. #Projects).

Please note: While there are bound to be the occasional not-so-great experiences, please maintain an overall positive note in each article and refrain from excessive negativity.

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Writing Style

While the Classie hub aims to share personal craft endeavours and knowledge with its readers, we are looking for a journalistic approach to articles more formal than what is generally found in Hubgarden.

As such, please refrain from using the following:
  • Abbreviations in prose that are not names of places or organisations (examples: CBD and ANZ). If you are submitting a pattern, please include a legend of abbreviations used.
  • Colloquialisms - slang (local or otherwise), words like 'yep', 'nope', 'nah'
  • Internet or Text-speak - LOL, OMG, and emoticons
Colloquialisms may be used when illustrating or highlighting an important point, but this should be done sparingly and with discretion.

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Social Media and Sharing

Articles on Classie Hub will automatically be considered for sharing on social media, particularly on the Classie Facebook page.

In order for your article to be shared, please include at least one landscape-oriented, high quality image in your article.

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Sourcing and Crediting

Please make sure all your information and image sources are properly credited.

These should be placed:
  • As an in-text hyperlink
  • In the caption (for images and videos)
For more information on how to share images, videos, and include links in your article, visit the HubGarden FAQ.

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All articles should be tagged with the following as relevant:
  • Topic (see Topics)
  • Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Technique (e.g. Sewing, Knitting, Crochet)
  • Themes (e.g. Jewellery, Gift Ideas, Decorations, Christmas)
  • Tools (e.g. Needles, Thread, Hooks)
  • Materials (e.g. Beads, Denim, Fabric)
  • #Articles
Please note: The "Articles" tag must be included in order to appear on the Classie Hub main page.

You may also create additional tags relevant to your article, but these may be edited to conform with existing categories.

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All articles are automatically considered for Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards, provided they meet the following criteria:

Articles must promote Australia-based content. Content from outside Australia is most welcome, but will be ineligible for writer awards.

Articles previously published on other platforms (e.g. WeekendNotes, other hubs, and external sites), will not be published on Classie Hub, unless they:
  • Are comprised of at least 75% original content
  • Contain no copied text
  • Have a different focus to the previous article
You can write about a topic you have previously written about before, provided you produce fresh, original content. Articles using images previously published elsewhere will only be eligible for Silver or Bronze awards.

Bronze Award ($1)
  • Require minimal editing
  • Contain at least one image
  • Be at least 300 words long

Silver Award ($3)
  • Require minimal editing
  • Contain at least three images and/or videos
  • Be at least 400 words long

Gold Award ($10)
  • Be of high quality, requiring little to no editing
  • Contain at least five images and/or videos
  • Be between 500-1000 words long
  • Be relevant, engaging and shareable on social media
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