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Smart Ways to Enliven Your Craft Room

by lillian connors (follow)
The beauty and joy of making something with your own hands is a special feeling and definitely worth a try. Many creative enthusiasts fail to thrive particularly due to their poorly organised craft rooms. We have decided to pinpoint the three common issues and present detailed solutions for your private handiwork paradise.


• Your professional life and your hobby items are fighting for the dominant position on your working surface.
• Your sewing machine is excluding the use of your laptop and vice versa.
• Your desk is lacking drawers so the office-related documentation is scattered around.


Inspirational bulletin board
This item is a sort of a landscape into your state of mind and future plans, and having it in front of your desk can be truly inspiring. Also, wrapping it in a funky patterned material would add a special pizazz. You may post idea bits for your upcoming projects and reminders for the current pressing tasks. Go to a nearby hardware store and fix yourself up with this handy addition.

Simple and cute desk
An appropriately sized desk type with deep, spacious drawers will manage to store your hobby and business related objects with ease. Accompany it with a comfortable chair that’s adjustable and fully accommodates your needs.

File organisation
The key to not losing time, energy and patience on constant search for items is ensuring all of your possessions are provided with a suitable container. A separator setup with multiple open sections is a neat way to have it all in sight and at hand.

• A sewing section is furniture-ridden mine field covered with gift wraps, craft supplies and loads of fabric
• The lack of self-confidence is holding you back to give this nook a proper makeover and commit to it


The spools and tools collection
Employing a transparent, acrylic type of peg-board keeps your items in order while not suffocating the space since they blend nicely into the background. A narrow and long working table will provide enough space without crowding the room. Pair it with a stool that fits nicely underneath when not needed. The retractable or table lamp would shed just the amount of light you need.

Charming and functional shelves
The suspended models of shelves could house your albums, manuals and ornamental knick-knacks. Tidied knitting needles and yarn should find their way to a straw basket. An additional piece of storage can be smoothly tucked in the area under the window for scrapbook material and pictures.

The magic of carpets
The presence of a carefully picked, ornamented rug is both a practical and an ambience-creating solution. With the help of affordable flatweave runner rugs you can introduce a homely and warm atmosphere to your working space. The right design can round up the space and act like a calming agent in the kaleidoscopic selection of supplies.


• The closet is congested with bulky shelving and suitcases
• The closed storage has made you forget about the things you left there
• Inadequate doors lead to a major accessibility issue


Trade the doors for curtains
If you position your closet curtains a bit over the door opening (width-wise), you will generate an illusion of a bigger space and improved accessibility. Next, the replacement of a jammed top shelf with new, spacious models is recommendable. Lastly, keep the swatches in clear containers and delicate art pieces in tagged, light-coloured boxes.

Proper separation of items
The smart container choice is crucial when we’re storing a variety of materials. Glass jars are great for easy-to-lose objects, while open floor-based containers are best for the fresh projects. The wider shelves can effectively hold the objects of various heights too.

Pro gift wrapping
A wall-attached bicycle rack could serve splendidly as a caddy for wrapping paper. Placed underneath, a wooden chest with a fastened open lid can keep a wild array of ribbons. Fill its body with see-through bins for storage of cards and bows. Equip it with little wheels (with stoppers) for mobility.

Even the smallest of spaces can be made into a cute, crafting paradise when manoeuvred smartly. With these smart tips you are bound to make the best of it.
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