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Warping a Frame Loom

by Bethany (follow)
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Once you have assembled your frame loom, it’s time to warp.

“Warps” are the vertical threads on your loom on which your yarn will be woven (the weft). The term “warping” refers to the act of preparing for weaving by stringing the warp threads across the loom.

This method is specific to looms bought from Loom and Spindle, which have extra features designed for easier use and are particularly helpful for beginners.

Miniature weaving loom

If you look at your loom, you’ll see there is a teeth pattern already cut into the warping bars. This causes every second warp thread to be spaced close to the next, but this evens out as you start weaving. Also notice the grooves in between each tooth, which will help space out the threads.

What you’ll want to do first is to tie a knot around the first tooth with the warp thread. Make sure the knot is secure, otherwise it will unravel as you warp.

Wind your thread around the first tooth of the opposite end of the loom.

Continue winding the warp thread back and forth between the teeth. This is where the grooves between the teeth come in handy. They will make sure your thread doesn’t overlap as you warp. Make sure to keep the tension of the thread even.

When you have reached your desired width, wrap the loose end of your warp thread around the frame, making sure it is secure. Do not tie a knot.

Make sure the tension in the thread is evenly dispersed. Lift each thread, starting from the left, to take up the slack of the previous thread, until you have reached the last. Once all the threads are firmly wound and the tension is even throughout, retie the loose end.

Once this is done, you are ready to start weaving your first project.

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